Ukraine Currency Hryvnia (UAH)

ukraine currency

The creation of the Ukraine Currency Hryvinia started with monetary reforms and implemented on September 2 1996 by the National Bank of Ukraine. As a result the Hryvnian currency was introduced. Many Ukrainians looked at the creation of the Hryvnia as a signal of the nation’s stability and hoped for the emergence of the economy. [...]

Ukraine’s Got Talent

Kseniya Simonova Ukraines Got Talent

The audience and the entire country of Ukraine in tears. From the 2009 season of Ukraine’s Got Talent. An inspiring performance on the TV show Ukraine’s Got Talent created a moving and emotional response from the audience as well as the entire nation. The performance done in “sand art”, by 24-year-old Kseniya Simonova, was a visual [...]

Ukraine Christmas

I had no idea how much Christmas is different between Ukraine and the US. Christmas in Russia is celebrated on January 7th instead of December 25th. Because the Russian Orthodox church still follows the old Julian calendar when it comes to celebration of holidays Christmas takes place on January 7th and lasts six days. Another [...]

Dolphins in Odessa

A very special friend of mine and I took a recent trip to the dolphinarium in Odessa Ukraine. It was one of my best experiences so far in Ukraine. The show was fantastic and the level of performance was top notch. It would be impossible to not be happy after coming out of that show. [...]

Orthodox Easter in Ukraine

easter interview

It was an interesting experience seeing the differences between how Easter is celebrated in the west and in Ukraine. Easter in Ukraine is the major religious holiday celebrated even above Christmas. Below is a short clip for a Ukrainian television station I was interviewed on.  

Flamenco Guitar


I met two artists several weeks back when I was at Salsa dancing at the Odessa Philharmonic hall (no I wasn’t dancing I was only watching, I don’t know how to salsa yet). I met Sledge and Carola through mutual friends and began talking and I found out they perform Flamenco together in Odessa. Neither [...]

Haircut In Ukraine


No the picture is not me after my haircut, this was a picture I found with a caption “never make fun of a Cossack’s haircut” which is a fitting photo for this post. With that being said don’t make fun of an American living in Odessa with a bad haircut.  Below is a short video [...]

Salsa Dancing in Ukraine

Salsa Dancing Odessa

If you are looking for something fresh and new outside of the club and bar scene in Odessa try Salsa dancing at the Odessa Philaharmonic Hall. There is salsa dancing every Sunday night in Odessa starting at 7pm and end at midnight. The building is amazing, it’s a great atmosphere and the staff and people [...]

Googe Voice Outside US


So I was having a problem trying to get a Google voice number assigned for a new venture I am working on in Ukraine. Unfortunately Google blocks the ability to access Google voice if you have an IP address outside the US. Fortunately, I found a work around. Google voice is a great service for [...]

Christmas In Ukraine


I was walking down the street and the shrieks of little Russian children stopped me in my tracks. There were hundreds of them with Russian hoola hoops, Russian hats and a big fat not so Russian Santa. But I realized it must be Christmas all the same. So I say to all the little naughty [...]