Christmas In Ukraine


I was walking down the street and the shrieks of little Russian children stopped me in my tracks. There were hundreds of them with Russian hoola hoops, Russian hats and a big fat not so Russian Santa. But I realized it must be Christmas all the same. So I say to all the little naughty [...]

Gyms In Ukraine


Finding a gym or sport club in Ukraine can be a bit of a challenge especially when you aren't familiar with the area or the language. After four months living in Ukraine it was time to get back in the gym so I began my search in Odessa. I had about four things I was [...]

Poltava Translator Ira Kononenko

Poltava Translator Ira Kononenko logo

We are proud to tell you about one of our favorite resources in Ukraine, Poltava Translator Ira Kononenko! We hired Ira when we arrived in Poltava and needed a translator who spoke Russian, Ukrainian and English and she is fantastic. Ira is young, but has years of experience in translations for letter writing and business [...]

How Ukrainians earn and spend their money


What is life like for people living in Ukraine? The Ukrainian family budget is difficult to capture in official statistics since it operates on data about primary income. Meanwhile the cost of living in Ukraine forces most adults to look for alternative income sources; a second job, cultivation of land, using privately owned cars as [...]

dancing in ukraine


Here was a dance contest they had at a small club in Poltava Ukraine. Just another slow night at the disco!

poltava mall fireworks

Poltava Mall Fireworks

After the live music performances they had a really cool fireworks display at the Metropolitan Mall in Poltava Ukraine. We were convinced that something was going to catch on fire. Either the mall itself or the giant blue plastic tarp covering the stage for the performers.

mall grand opening poltava ukraine

Poltava Mall Grand Opening

Right around the corner from our flat in Poltava there is a brand new mall opening. They had a bunch of local bands playing, or maybe not local I have no idea since I speak no Russian. But it was a cool experience, a little cold at about -4 degrees celsius.  

Mama Luba Serebro Video

mama luba serebro video

Mama Luba Serebro Video This song is huge in Ukraine at clubs in Poltava like Shokolad, Split, Europa, and Robin Hood. There is some debate about exactly what it means, what do you think?

Ukrainian Bride Photo Session Poltava Ukraine


I came across this bride and groom shooting wedding photographs on October Street (translated) in Poltava Ukraine and caught a couple quick pictures on my iPhone and this video. She was so pretty, and they looked so happy and joyful. The dress she was wearing was elaborate and must have cost a lot of money [...]

Washing Clothes In Ukraine

Ukrainian Clothes Dryer

One of the big things about living in Ukraine is getting used to how to wash and dry your clothes. Washing is never a problem, most apartments I have seen and been in have nice modern washing machines.